It’s About Us

Our debut post!

I’m posting the content of our first ‘About Us’ page. The content might change from time to time, but since this is the first time we’re starting our blog I thought that it would be appropriate to make our first ‘About Us’ as our first post.

So here goes.


I’m the geek and my wife’s the cook. Hence the blog name. I like to write about, well, mostly geek stuff. She likes to cook, period. I get to eat some wonderful stuff at the cost of doing the dishes, and I get to write about it in this blog and spread the word. It’s win-win, really. Life’s good.

We like traveling (who doesn’t??), trying new stuff (mostly food), going to the movies, watching TV at home, and each of us has our own thing.

I, for example, am a huge geek. I love photography. You’ll be seeing a lot of photos here in this blog. Mostly from my iPhone 4, since it’s pocketable and decent enough for most situations where you don’t have a dSLR with you (which accounts for, like, 95% of the time), but you’ll also be seeing some of my work from my more serious gears. I also love toys and video games, so you’ll also be seeing a lot of those as well. Last but not least, I love books. See why I’m the ‘Geek’ part of the blog?

I’m beginning to get into this whole ‘cooking’ and ‘eating’ thing lately. Starting to appreciate food not only as ‘oh-my-god-it’s-food-I’m-famished-om-nom-nom’ but also as a result of (sometimes) long and (mostly) arduous process of choosing the right ingredients, choosing the right methods, and following the chosen method correctly. It’s like chemistry, really. Damn my wife for cramming these things into my head. But it’s all mostly good as it has broaden my perception (and unfortunately, also my waistline).

My wife’s the cook. She likes cooking very much. The kitchen area will definitely become a ‘no-fly zone’ when she’s doing her thing, except when she tells me to do the dishes. She’s been taking a lot of cooking and baking lessons and I daresay she improves a lot every time she finished any of her experiments. sShe’s got this Julia-Child-like ambition of becoming just like Julia Child. She would go into the night sleeping with a cooking book neatly tucked into her arms. She’s got the mojo, I think, and that’s the only way to go. Forward. And I get to be one of the first to try it out! On top of that, I get to photograph the result (which you’ll also be seeing a lot on the blog). At least this gives me something to practice my currently fledgling photography skills.

Like how her passion for everything about food and cooking managed to crawl into my consciousness, my passion for anything geek has managed to crawl into hers as well. She’ll sometime hum the Transformers or Mario Bros theme song out of nowhere, for example. Commented on my toy acquisition (“Oh that’s a cool one. And why won’t you buy more Decepticon robots?”). Unlike me, however, she’s not too happy with that development.


You, dear reader, will be seeing a lot of posts on traveling, about trying new restaurant joints around where we live (we currently reside in Singapore), about photography (and our attempt to master it), about cooking (lots of it!) and miscellaneous geeky (and sometimes not-too-geeky) stuff.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy them.



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