The One About Cheeseburgers (Warning: Content May Induce Daydreams of Delicious and Sinful Food)

The Cheeseburger

I like burgers.

Nay, scratch that. I LOVE burgers. I’ve been loving burgers ever since Burger King opened up in Indonesia. And I don’t mean their recent franchise revisit. I mean the one from way back, when I was still in elementary school. Whenever we’re out and about, if my wife asked me where I want to have dinner the first thing that would come up in my head is either Burger King, or Carl’s Jr (and during desperate times, even McDonald’s pop into mind). Too bad A&W doesn’t have stores here in Singapore, else that would probably pop up in my head as well. I love their so-called Chicken ‘Sandwich’ (which is actually a chicken ‘burger’, but I guess if it’s not beef it’s not a ‘burger’).

Earlier, the cook has this strong opinion that suggesting her a fast food outlet as a destination to have a meal could be considered a cardinal sin that would make me end up in hell. I would be rewarded with one raised eyebrow and a bit of telling on how bad fast food can be. Thankfully, she would relent from time to time. After a bit of time and especially after tying out Carl’s Jr she’s become a convert and we can now confirm to you that both of us will be a permanent occupants of hell and probably even open up a burger franchise there. We would probably meet up with Adam Richman from the show ‘Man vs Food’ (in TLC channel) and asked him to try and defeat our large-portioned and sinfully delicious burger as our soul burn in hell. Along with all those sinful, tasty, and crispy burgers. Ha ha, crispy burgers, get it? Like, it’s hell, things are burning, the burgers are burning, burnt stuff are crispy… no? No comprende? You know what? Whatever.

Anyways, that’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

Daydreaming aside, the cook, knowing that I love burger, tried to surprise me as I was coming home from work one night by making a burger for our dinner. It was a pleasant surprise indeed. I shall ask her to come up with the recipe for a later blog post, but it’s simple really. I mean, it’s a damn burger. You just need burger buns, some lettuce, couple of slices of tomatoes, cheese slices, and of course, some beef patties. Now, the burger my wife made had a surprise named bacon in it. Now, now, I know what you’re saying: it’s been done before. You see Burger King offering burgers with slices of bacon tucked between the beef and the buns. Not this one. The bacon is chopped to bits, and they are IN the beef patty. You’re saying, like, what’s the difference, right? Bacon, inside the beef patty, outside the beef patty, what’s so different, they’re bacon. Well my friend, WRONG. It makes a whole world of difference. Trust me.

And I must add that bacon (be it pork, turkey, or beef) makes everything tastes better. Period.

Suffice to say that that night we were inching closer and closer to hell. And we loved every damn sinful minute of it. The recipe’s coming later, by the way. Also, if you’re interested about cheeseburgers (who doesn’t?), check out this article on cheeseburgers by Waldo Jaquith. I came across it as I was enjoying my daily dose of daringfireball this morning. This prompted, nay, INSPIRED me to write this entry. Just like Adam Richman inspired the cook and I to occasionally pig out. I don’t know how that guy does it, but he’s great!

Bonus (sort of): check out ‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 4 episode 2 about ‘The Best Burger in New York’.


9 thoughts on “The One About Cheeseburgers (Warning: Content May Induce Daydreams of Delicious and Sinful Food)

    • You should! Try turkey bacon, I know you can’t eat pork. Beef bacon would work as well. I think the idea is to have crispy and salty bits inside the patty.
      Damn, now I’m hungry…

    • Hi Waldo!

      Thanks for dropping by! Your entry on cheeseburgers is really interesting and well done πŸ˜€

      Thanks to you I can write this short blog entry. Do drop by from time to time πŸ™‚

  1. Dude, do you know I queue-ed for 4 hours when BK re-open in Indonesia in 2007? In the end I skip my college class for a bite of burger. Burger King and burger FTW!

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