It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like, You Know…

… Christmas?

Yep, it’s that time of the year again folks, where things are… ummm, well there’s this thing called Christmas happening, you know. And we do… stuff… during Christmas. What stuff? I don’t know, really. Stuff like, having parties to celebrate… something, I guess. Stuff like, decorating some tall (or small) fake (or sometimes real) trees. Stuff like donating to charity because it’s Christmas. Stuff like going shopping and stuff, coz like, all the shopping malls are throwing this discount thingy and everyone else seems to be doing the same thing: go shopping and stuff. You know. Those stuff.

Lots of interestingly weird things happen. People bedeck the stores, the buildings, the streets, and even the offices, with pretty, beautiful, cheerful (and at times, weird) decorations. Also worthy of note is that during this time many of our new members of the human race would probably be wondering whether or not an old, chubby, bearded man wearing a red-and-white jumpsuit would be dropping gifts under their fake trees or inside their ornamental socks they hang somewhere near the fireplace (do kids still do that these days?).

But really, if you come to me with a question like, “What time of the year is it, really?”, I honestly don’t know how to give a straight answer. And just to annoy you, I would probably say that “Christmas is Santa’s birthday!” And in case you didn’t know, Santa’s the old, chubby, bearded man wearing a red jumpsuit I mentioned earlier. And no, it actually isn’t his birthday. Gasp! Plot twist!

That answer is probably not as annoying as getting one of those Christmas songs stuck in your brain in repeat-one-song mode. All thanks to the shopping centers who play them in, yes, repeat mode (guess where I’ve been going to these days). So be thankful that you’re not me, a guy who get songs easily stuck in his head. But if you ARE, welcome to my warm, Christmas-y embrace, fellow people-who-get-songs-easily-stuck-in-their-head. (Don’t you find that ’12 Days of Christmas’ song an atrocity? How can someone buy so many things each day and top it off with 5 golden rings? All of that, only for one broad). Oh, dear me, now I’m absolutely ranting.

‘Winter Wonderland’ is pretty okay, though.

I’m not gonna bore you down with the religious perspective. You can read it all in King James Bible. It’s all there. Take it as you see fit. It’s not as glam as all these end-of-year discounts, mind you. Just remember: don’t be fooled into thinking that December 25 is the day Christ was born. It’s not. (Gasp! Even more plot twist!) Anyways, Wiki it.

But you know what, I’m really into this holiday spirit thing so I’m just going to come right out saying that I actually love Christmas. Adore it.

Wait, scratch that. This is how I actually feel:

Yo Christmas, I’m really happy for ya, and Imma let ya finish, but the whole month of December IS the best time of the year. The best time of the year!

It’s not just that one day alone. I love the whole month of December because of a lot of things. People seem happier; places seem more cheerful and livelier; a lot of good movies (and unfortunately some crappy ones like ‘New Year’s Eve’) get released; discounts are everywhere (sorry, can’t help myself); cheerful songs playing here and there; children caroling here and there; and really, there’s just something in the air that I can’t put a finger on. It’s like the universe just conspired to be happy and drag everyone along with it. And what’s even better is that people don’t seem to be in the mood to work! (They’re all either planning to go, or already, on leave). Hence this blog post. *looking behind my back and checking if anyone passes my cubicle and see me typing a blog*

December is also the last month of the year, where our planet is about to finish another round of its merry-go-round tour around the sun and about to start another one. People usually start to cheerfully (or solemnly) reminisce about what happened. The good stuff. The bad stuff. Time to see what we did right, and what went wrong. Dissect and learn from our mistakes, and put all these things in a proverbial cardboard box, seal it, put a ‘2011’ stamp on it and stuff it somewhere in the storeroom at the back of the house. And finally, we jot down our new year’s resolution and prepare ourselves to commit the same mistakes again the next time around. Resolutions, people! It’s made at the start of the year and meant to be forgotten for the rest of it. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. After all, life’s a circle, right?

To top off the list of why December is relatively awesome, I usually get cheerful yearly reminder that I’m getting older. If my friends and family remember, that is. They usually do.

YES, that’s a hint.

It’s actually not something that I should be very happy about, getting older, but I thought what the hey. Death awaits us all in the end (at the VERY FAR end, I hope), grinning like an old friend who’s about to say ‘I told you so’. The bastard.

But I digress.

Christmas, New Year’s Eve (NOT the movie, please), and December, probably mean a lot of things to a lot of people in their own, different ways. Even for those belonging in demographics that don’t celebrate it, it might have certain special meanings. Or perhaps it might not. It might mean, for example, a time of reflection. Or a time for giving to those in need. Or even a time for partying. For me, it used to have a different meaning when I was a wee lad. I can’t remember what it was anymore. Today, I’m not even sure what it means to me, or whether it means anything at all. Still, it doesn’t mean that I can’t get a kick out of it. I could, for example, freely assume that all those decorations people put up are for my birthday celebration (“These people LOVE me! Look at all those decors they put up for MY birthday! I’m just awesome!”). I could also make use of all those store discounts to refresh my clothing repertoire (or replace a pair of old and broken shoes, or two). I could also take pictures of the many wonderful (and many times, wonderfully weird) decorated fake trees that they put up in front of stores and inside malls.

Just like 25 December is a symbolic and not an actual birthday of some messiah (gasp! The plot thickens!) whose authenticity is still being disputed by a certain group of the human race (to whom the said messiah actually belongs to), Christmas is only a symbol and it can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, whether they celebrate it or not. The same goes for any kind of celebration. Make of it as you will. It can come early for you, and multiple times in a year, in any month, if you choose to see it that way. For me, it usually comes in small monthly dosages, usually on the days my monthly salary is paid. So again, make of it as you will.

Also, you don’t really have to wait for New Year’s Eve (not the movie) to come up with your resolutions. Anytime you got one, do it right away. It’s not like the earth puts a flag down at one point in its revolution around the sun and say, “Here is where you start pretending that you’ll be fixing stuff and get your act together the next time around.”

But still,

It’s only in December that most the awesome stuff happens! A certain awesome person’s birthday! Awesome decorations everywhere! Awesome discounts everywhere. Awesome movies are released (except for ‘New Year’s Eve’)! Sexy girls wearing 2-piece Santa suits are everywhere (Rated PG-18 for Mild Sexual Content). Expensive airline ticket prices everywhere (hmm, not supposed to be happy about that actually). Anyways, a lot of awesome stuff happens in this month. According to my book, that is.

So Kanye, hit it.

“Yo 2011, I’m really happy for ya, and Imma let ya finish, but the month of December is the BEST time of the year. The best time of the year!”

Enjoy the slideshow of beautifully decorated fake trees, and have a happy holidays season, people.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like, You Know…

  1. eventho’ perhaps you were going to make one anyway, thanks for writing this one…
    nice to read with the xmas tree pictures here and there…

    ‘It’s like the universe just conspired to be happy and drag everyone along with it.’ still remember paulo coelho’s the alchemist, don’t we?

    and you know, the most amazing about this one is actually you’re making it during the office hours????
    damn, that’s so cool!!! hahahaha….

    but beware!
    perhaps next year by xmas the world’s already upside down just like the mayan said.. (fingers crossed)

    so lets enjoy with joy, and some good discount hunting for sure, this possibly-the-last santa’s birthday.. ^^

    • Hehehe, I hope Santa drops by and leave a brand-spanking-new XBOX360 for me :))
      Anyways, I wrote this during office hour because even though I have, like, 9 deadlines before the year ends, this blog has been a sanctuary that keeps me sane LOL

      • yeah i know, man..
        i have my xbox alrite. still, i cant play it that satisfyingly often anyway..
        the missus has put a ban against it..

        consequently, i have bout 13 ‘deadlines’ before they send me to be ‘tki’..
        doubt that i can even finish skyrim by xmas..

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